Mr.K - ZCAR Spirit Award

  1. Objective
    Increase member participation at club meetings and club events. We are a social car club and most of us are not into racing or extreme car shows. Therefore, this championship is rewarding members of the club based on the participation rather than competition.
  2. Award
    The winner will receive a trophy, which will get the name of the winner engraved. The winner can keep the trophy for one year and it is then passed on to the next winner, similar to the INDY 500 Borg-Warner Trophy or the NHL Stanley Cup. The award is called the Mr.K - ZCAR Spirit Award. The winner will also get a Z car related item suitable for the winner's car valued at approx. $350.
  3. Points System
    The points system is kept simple to facilitate the upkeep and tracking. Points will be awarded on a membership basis. Family memberships will be counted as one member whereby each part of the family can represent the membership.
  4. Points Structure
    • Club Meetings
      • Monthly ZCAR meeting attendance - 1 point
      • All ZCAR meetings in a calendar year - 1 bonus point
      • Pre-approved topic presentation at meeting - 2 points
    • Events
      • Event attendance - 2 points
      • Participation at annual ZCCA convention - 8 points
      • Attending all events in calendar year - 1 bonus point
      • Event organizer - 4 points. Only "official" events count, i.e. published monthly events. Additional events are subject to the approval of the club officers at an officer's meeting and the club members at a monthly meeting. Event organizer points are only awarded if event organizer takes care of all aspects of an event such as: Member notification, event lead during the event and follow-up article. No event organizer points will be awarded for the ZCAR and TZCC annual car show.
    • Article Submission
      • Submission of monthly newsletter article - 2 points (only published articles count). Monthly club meeting minutes is not considered an article. No article points are awarded if the article author collects event organizer points with the same article. (no "double dipping").
      • Submission of quarterly magazine article - 4 points (only published articles count). The quarterly club update is not considered an article.

  5. Standings
    The championship standings will be announced at the monthly meetings and will also be published in the monthly newsletter.
  6. Championship Year
    The championship year starts with first club meeting or club event in each calendar year and ends at Christmas Party.
  7. Election of Club Champion
    The club champion will be elected by popular vote at the December club meeting in accordance with the following rules:
    • The top three in the points standings are eligible to be elected as champion.
    • Voting to take place with written ballot by the members present at the December meeting (No proxy voting).
    • Only one vote per membership (not two for family members)
    • The voting score will be as follows:
      • Points leader: Number of member votes received plus 2
      • Runner-up: Number of member votes received plus 1
      • Third in points: Number of member votes received
    • The member with the highest voting score wins the championship.
    • A revote is carried out in the event of a tie.
    • Lowest scorer from previous round (3rd place) drops out. Voting score is the number of member votes received during revote. No adders based on points standings. Highest score wins.

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